Wednesday, January 10, 2007


every darshan program follows the same schedule. amma comes to the hall, gives a talk, followed by bhajans, meditation, then darshan. as a westerner we travel with amma, go to the program, help with seva and spend time on stage. after so many cities, so many tours, one would think that this sameness would get boring. Not with Amma and certainly not for Amma. for as she travels across India, she gets to see tens of thousands of her children who are doing her work out in the world. Students, doctors, engineers, labourers, politicians. All imbibing or trying to imbibe Amma's teachings into their lives. - many have never been to amritapuri, let alone get to travel with her. if a feeling of sameness sets in, one only has to look at the crowd - the joy in their faces when they come to see amma, and the mutual joy that Amma gives back to them seems to indicate that they are doing what Amma wants them to do. how patiently they sit just for a three second darshan. how they strive to save money to make the journey to the program - taking off work, missing valuable pay. one wonders who has more of the grace - whose windows are more opened to let her light in and keep their internal lamp lit for the benefit of others. we are all trying to be this light for her and the world. as she travels around India, she is rekindling, or increasing the intensity of this inner lamp. we are blessed that Amma is here - to teach us that her eternal lamp is always available to us whether we are physically with her or not.
10 January 2007
Sri Pati - US

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Christoph said...

Sri Pati, my Dear,
I justed discovered the seperate site of the Travel-blogs, after I opened 4 days the Ashram-blog, to discover a bit disappointed, that there is nothing new on!!! But now I´m happy again to take part at Ammas happenings around the world. And it is as you say in you 'sameness'- comment. To read about Ammas happenings outside reminds me of keeping my connection with Amma inside, though that it makes no difference to sit here at my little home office in Berlin/Germany and do my architectural work or, as you , running with your little digital camera close around Amma. Although my mind tells me, that that what you do, being close to Amma, is more exciting. But this is one of my old vasanas: Looking allways for outer excitement instead looking for inner peace.
In Ammas love - Greetings from Berlin / Germany