Friday, January 12, 2007

Sunny Faces

Amma's Kodungallur Ashram was a nice surprise for a program location with beautiful nature surrounding it. The attractiveness of the area showed not only in many luxuriant trees and flowers, but also in the bright happy smiles of the local devotees. As I was wiping the ladies' faces in the darshan line, I mostly only saw sunny faces even during the latest hours.

Also the Amma doll that I was carrying with me received a lot of attention and ended up going through the arms of many women and children in the line who were eager to hold her.

Amma was giving darshan in her normal fast pace, but to these open hearted Kodungallur devotees, even those couple of seconds close to Mother seemed to be their dream come true.

Jayambika, Finland
8-10 January 2007

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