Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Devotion in Calicut

We arrived at Amma's school in Calicut at night and the next afternoon, the bus took us to the stadium for the programme. The fully filled stadium, the music, and the atmosphere around the stadium reminded us of the Amritavarsham in Cochin in 2003. We were crying with emotion and joyous to experience again so strong presence of Amma in the Calicut crowd of devotees.

After numerous speech by local authorities and a great satsang Amma had given to her children, Amma gave her darshan with such energy, such joy, great speed, and so gentle. The darshan was the image of the profound devotion of Calicut devotees. It was extraordinary. I still tremble remembering it. Amma has embraced the entire crowd in 17 hours with the same joyful energy.

What impressed me the most was the view of the crowd from a distance. It looked very dense and intense. I couldn't imagine that Amma could physically take all into her arms I one night. But when I walked among the people in the night, I came across a beautiful family. The people were simple, gentle, very happy to be in Amma's presence. I found the devotees very light, friendly, open. The weight of the big crowd disappeared totally from my heart. Amma's darshan was like a beautiful dance with her devotional devotees.

Amma showed me that we should only live in the moment. The huge crowd was an example of the spiritual progress Amma has developed in her devotees. The faith, the selflessness, the devotion are really palpable.

Vani - France

6 Jan 2007, Kozhikode

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