Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What Happened to the Bat?

The other week, towards the end of the Trichy public programme, Amma showered her blessings on a very small being.

I had been sitting on stage, fighting (once more) against falling asleep after a long night, when suddenly a bunch of devotees rushed towards Amma. I normally don't feel like jumping in the crowd, but this time, I wanted to see why everyone had a sweet smile on their face, so I stepped forward.

I saw a tiny black baby bat lying in Amma's right plam. She caressed it most tenderly with one finger, looking at it with so much love and compassion. Its probably first darshan ended with a tender kiss from its Divine Mother, and then it was given back to the small boy who had brought it to her.

I went back to my place on stage, thinking that I would love to hold this sweet creature in my hands for a while as well. Only a few seconds later, the boy suddenly sat down beside me and without thinking, I stood up and took the baby bat, which had started to crawl up the boy's sleeve. I told him I would take care of it, which was ok with the boy.

I went downt the stairs, away from the crowd on stage and stood there alone in the field. The bat was now shivering, but soon calmed down in the small cave of my cupped hands. I thanked Amma from my heart, and thought that I would never understand how she over and over again fulfills the small (and big) wishes of her children sometimes so spontaneously.

Very peacefully, I started to walk around trying to find a safe place for 'my' baby, as there wee so many hungry-looking big birds around which might like it for breakfast. 'Do crows eat baby bats?' I asked myself.

I finally put it near a small hay pile - it hesitantly crawled inside as if it didn't want to say goodbye. I felt very sad having to leave it behind, knowing that it probably wouldn't survive in there- so small and fragile without its mother. But the suddenly the image of the tender darshan with Amma, its real mother, came into my mind again. I knew it was a very blessed small being, and even if it didn't survive, it would come back. Amma, our most beloved Mother takes care of all her children no matter how small they are.

Angela, Germany


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chandubaba said...

Thanks,nice to know more about 'bat-man'!