Tuesday, March 27, 2007

its time to wake up

right from the stage of jaipur, amma left for delhi. after entering haryana state, we stopped in a company's compound for lunch. we had satsang and bhajan with amma. we reached delhi in the evening. amma stayed in the ashram building near the brahmasthanam temple. the ashram is small. it cannot accommodate all the members of the group. i stayed with my brothers in a farm house opposite to the ashram. most of them stayed in the amrita vidyalayam school - 5 km away.

the weather is cold at night. if you pour hot water on your head, by the time it reaches the foot, its cold. but day time is hot.

i had a good sleep. morning i woke up listening to chirping of the birds. i could not believe my ears. they were cuckoos. that there are cuckoos. it was time to wake up..
26 march 2007, new delhi

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Dhanya said...

Dear Dhyanamritaji,

Om Namah Shivaya. Pls do update us about the Delhi Brahmastanam programmes. I flew back to S'pore last night and missing Amma terribly! What's more - SHE's probably not coming to S'pore. Do pray for the S'pore children okay? Jai Ma!

Dhanya (S'pore)