Friday, March 09, 2007

Showering Petals

During Amma’s visit to Hyderabad in February 2006, I had the unique blessing of performing Arati to Amma along with other devotes. Generally Amma showers petals on all the devotees who perform Arati. I was the third person in the queue to perform Arati. By the time my turn came there were few petals already on Amma’s lap. The petals would have been fallen on Amma’s lap when she was showering them on other devotees during arati. A thought occurred in my mind. I wished that it would be so nice if Amma showers the petals on me from her lap instead of from the plate that is kept by the side. But Amma had already a bunch of flowers from the plate. To my surprise the very next moment Amma dropped them, collected all the petals from her lap smelled them, smiled at me and then showered only on me. I felt tremendous love and blessing of Amma being showered in the form of petals. I feel it’s the best thing ever happened to me till now.

Mano Harita, Hyderabad

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