Saturday, June 09, 2007


Before Bhajans, instead of satsang, Amma held a question and answer session.

One person asked "What is Amma's core message for the young parents with children and for all the teachers I see gathered here?" Amma's response: "One word - Compassion".

Amma continued to sing many new bhajans from the 2007 supplement, but also included a few older ones.

  • He Gananayaka Sidivinayaka (2007 Supplement)
  • Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama
  • Prematapassu (Tapas of Love) (2007 Supplement)
  • Om Sakti Om Sakti (2007 Supplement)
  • Man Re
  • Om Namah Sivayah
  • Meri Vich Ram
  • Awaken Children (2007 Supplement)
  • Jai Ma Ambe

Sri Pati
San Ramon, 7 June 2007

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