Tuesday, July 31, 2007

She Knows?

An update on Santiago. The weather prior to yesterday was setting 30 year records for cold – in the 20’s. Amma comes and the days are very nice (still quite cold at night). The bhajans last night seemed especially powerful. After each bhajan, the crowd applauded. I sat next to a local first timer who was moved to tears by some bhajans.

I have heard Swami say Amma knows everything, and we intellectually know that it is true, however it is nice to get some confirmation to really understand this.

I will tell you of two recent experiences that illustrate this. Because I have been following the whole tour, it was ‘suggested’ that I only take darshan once per city. I had my Toronto darshan the last night of the retreat, so on Devi Bhava night I was sitting on the edge of the stage when She called me over and said to do Prasad seva monitor. Earlier, I had had some negative thoughts about not getting darshan and not getting to do Prasad or other seva tasks close to Her – except in DC. I had thought that at least the tour staff get to be on the stage close to Her. So She showed me Her concern for all Her children, and that She knows all our inner thoughts.

10 of us had been bumped off our Amma flight to Santiago and had to spend an extra day traveling. Our connecting flight got delayed by two hours, so we rushed right to the hall from the airport, arriving at 10:30 a.m. As the evening darshan was winding down, I had found a fairly close spot to sit, about five people away from Her. Amma looked my way, gave a smile, and said something. The translation was this: “I was thinking of you, then when I turned my head I saw you’. And I had thought that maybe I would not stay through to the end of darshan, being cold, tired, hungry, and dirty (not been to the hotel yet, and not had a nap between programs) ! I had always thought that darshan meant seeing a holy person, so I had more than darshan that night., and again reminded that She knows us better than we know ourselves, and cares about all of us.

The following is from my notes on one of Swamini’s talks:

On the India tour this spring She was talking, and then mentioned this Western boy saying that he should be on the trip, he was such a hard worker. After hearing his name Swamini arranged to have the boy phoned. He said that at that time he had been feeling strongly that Amma never even knew that he was in the ashram. In truth we cannot even imagine the depth of Her love for all who come to Her.


26 July 07 Chile

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So nice to read them. Thank you so much for keeping us posted on the happenings around "AMMA" ! They are such a boost!