Tuesday, July 31, 2007

taste of Chile

We got our power back on (lots of people and wheelchairs were on the cables) with in an hour. The people are being very orderly and patient, it was only the initial overwhelming rush of people that the handlers were not ready for that created a mess. Amma is moving very quickly. It is amazing to watch Her in high gear, unlike the leisurely pace in the States. I still sense a heightened energy and a sense of peace at the same time.

They are just starting dancing and singing in native costumes, very joyful sounds, colorful costumes (flat-topped black hats, wool ponchos, boots and spurs with bangles for the men, white dresses with colorful sashes and trim and petticoats for the women, color coordinated to the ponchos. The instruments are guitars and accordions with percussion things (I cannot remember their names) The dancing is cross between square dancing, Greek dancing with the handkerchief, and Mexican). The music feels right for the time and place.

The line for food finally shrank down to a handful of people, down from what looked like well over 100, going well into the outdoors. I bought a vegetable empanada and some pumpkin soup.

The feeding frenzy at the shops has slowed down to browsing and casual shoppers – I bought my second copy of the ‘Mata Rani’ DVD. We played it in the Atlanta airport and on the plane, so that we had Amma with us even if we were bumped off of Her flight.

It is nearing 5 a.m., and we have been hearing local groups for several hours, all different and all good. The current one has people dancing – maybe it s just getting to be that hour, maybe the group has a really strong rhythm that is easy to dance to.

I have been trying to bring you a taste of Santiago.

29 July 2007 , Chile

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