Friday, August 03, 2007

Sweetness in Toronto

I got in line for darshan near the end of the first night of Amma's programs in Toronto. As I was coming off the chairs, a devotee came up to Amma with a pan of something covered in foil. Since she was one of the last people to get darshan that night, people were clustered around Amma's chair and on the stage behind Her by that point - and I'm pretty sure more people hurried over when the following took place.

The pan was unwrapped and discovered to contain a lovely batch of blueberry crumble. Amma took a tiny piece, smaller than a pea, and Geetha went to take the pan away.
Whereupon Amma reached in and scooped out a rather larger amount with two fingers and popped it in Her mouth. The crowd exclaimed its delight.
Again, Geetha went to take the pan away.
But no. Gleefully, Amma stuck Her whole hand into the pan and grabbed a great big handful, like a little kid, and crammed most of it into Her mouth. Everyone was laughing and going "aaaah!!" in delight. After that, the remaining blueberry crumble, all over Her hand, was distributed bit by bit as prasad, and then Geetha took a cloth to wipe Her hand clean.

Rajeswari continues the story:

i was fortunate enough to be on the sidelines during pranada's darshan. after she had moved out of the crush of people around Amma, Amma continued to speak on the topic with Geetha translating into english. the exchange between them was so moving and sweet. to watch them felt like drinking milk and honey that had been poured over thousands of diamonds.

Amma said that She has no particular likes and dislikes. when a devotee brings Her something to eat, She eats it to make the devotees happy. sometimes the children have seen Amma cooking a particular dish in a video. they think that Amma likes this food and then they learn how to make it and bring it for Amma to eat. many devotees will bring Amma the same thing. but Amma laughed. She said She neither likes nor dislikes the items.

Amma said that in the old days, She used to cook for the children. now Amma is very busy and She doesn't get the time, but She decided to make something for the children.

as Geetha translated these words, her face shone with such grace. especially, "Amma decided to make something for the children." it was the words "the children" that were imbued with particular sweetness. there was divine love emanating from Amma in these words and pure adoration and devotion glowing from Geetha as she translated for the crowd but looked at Amma.

meanwhile, bits of the blueberry crumble were passed from hand to hand for all to share.

Pranada adds: On a semi-related note, Amma's sari for Devi Bhava in Toronto, three nights later, was a dazzling mixture of red and green and gold.

Jai Ma!

Pranada and Rajeswari, Toronto

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Maala said...

Thank you for writing it the way it happened. Now we can all continue savoring Amma's prasad and darshan forever