Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Reached Mysore

Amma finished her programs in Mananthavadi, visited 3 houses before leaving for Mysore. Traveling through the forests crossing the borders of Kerala and Karnataka, we reached Mysore in the evening around 3.50. Summer has started here, the forest is dry. I could not see any wild animals on the way. Saw only a few monkeys. One was interesting -- a mother monkey holding her baby and a father(?) monkey is removing the lice from her body. Only that. That’s all I saw? Yes, because I took a nap. When I opened my eyes I was already in a city.

In the journey of our life, most of us are asleep most of the time. So we miss the beauty of life.

Amrita University has a campus here in Mysore.
All are staying in these School buildings. Amma is staying in a small house at the ashram.

The language spoken here is Kannada. Amma sings many songs in Kannada.

28 Feb 2007, en route Mananthavadi to Mysore

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