Friday, March 02, 2007

The Guru Will Come

A man came to see Amma today and asked her for a mantra. Amma agreed to give it to him. He was meeting Amma for the first time; how lucky he is. After Amma gave him the mantra she held him close to her heart one more time.
There is an interesting story about this elderly farmer from a remote village of Karwar District in Northern Karnataka. This man had a dream a week ago in which he saw a woman in a white sari. At the time, he didn’t recognize her; he had never seen her before. He became so restless—he wanted to meet that lady. Then he happened to visit a clinic in Karwar. Lol! There she was. On the wall there was a photo of the same lady whom he saw in the dream. He asked the doctor “Who is this lady?”
The doctor explained about Amma. The farmer then asked “How can I see her?”. Amma was coming to Mysore in a week. The doctor, who is a devotee and organizer of Amritakutumbam (Amrita Families) in that area took him to Mysore to meet Amma and receive her darshan.

Before this, he didn’t know who Amma was. Now he says Amma is the shakti, she is Kali.

Earlier, he had desired to have mantra deeksha (initiation). A teacher offered it to him, but he declined—it didn’t feel right. Then he had the dream of Amma. Now he has the mantra.

If your call is sincere, the Guru will come. Its one of the fundamental truths of spiritual life.

1 March 2007, Mysore


Ananthasree said...

So true, so beautiful. Jai Ma!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wonderful story. This is Amma's Divine Grace.

Thank you for sharing it.

Om Namah Amma:-) !!!

Pradeep said...
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Pradeep said...

Nama Sivaya.. it is wonderful to hear that incident... Every thing is Ammas divine grace..

Anonymous said...

"If your call is sincere, the Guru will come. Its one of the fundamental truths of spiritual life."

How blessed we all are for Her having come..

jeremy said...

Wow! Amazing story. Amma called me a few years ago through a friend. He phoned me to inform me about Her because he saw Amma's visit in the Malaysian newspaper. Think about it, Amma has her way of calling Her children.

She knew that i hardly touch the newspaper so She had to resort to other ways to inform me. Through a friend who doesn't even believe in saints. It's an irony that my friend hasn't even met Her after all these years though he was the one who informed me about Amma. Thank you Amma.

mala said...

If your call sincerely to "amma" she will come. It is "truth"