Sunday, March 04, 2007

Call like her

Amma celebrated Holi with the devotees of Mysore at the end of the final evening programme. Everyone danced and sang in ecstasy when Amma was dancing. In keeping with the tradition, Amma threw coloured powder on the devotees, smeared paints on the faces, squirted coloured water with water guns…. Oh! What a Holi it was! I’m sure it was something that Mysorians won’t forget for years.

Amma visited the hospital before leaving the city. When Amma reached Bangalore, there were hundreds of devotees waiting for Amma. As Amma stepped from her vehicle, everyone cried out, “Amma! Amma!” Many were in tears. So many cries; whose cry would Amma answer? Amma looked around casting her compassionate glance at all the devotees. Then from the midst, one little girl cried out, “Amrita AMMA!” “Entho?” (What?), Amma immediately responded and looked directly at the little girl. Everyone was happy.

Can we call as innocently as that child? Only then will Amma respond.

3 March 2007, Bangalore


Amrita said...

Thanks for keeping updated. Any photos ?

Ananthasree said...

...begging for perhaps a video clip of the Holi celebrations on the Amritapuri website??! :)

CR said...

Namah Shivaya Dhyanamritaji,

I could not attend the Bangalore programme. Feeling very depressed about it. Please post experiences and photos.

jeremy said...

Thanks for the story. Though it might seem like not many are posting their comments, many are actually reading it from time to time. Keep up the good work. I hope i can participate in the next Holi festival.