Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Making Tea

After her programmes in Bangalore Amma visited the Amrita University Campus in Bangalore. In fact during darshan in the Brahmasthanam Festival, the students of this campus were insisting to Amma that she should come to the campus. When she arrived there, they welcomed Amma and shared their hearts with her. They told her that they were so happy to see Amma in their campus and wanted Amma to come every year. Amma left Bangalore city around 10:30 in the morning.

In the evening Amma stopped by the river Tungabadra. It is one of the main rivers of Andra Pradesh, but now it has dried up 90%, and Amma and the tour group sat together in the dried up riverbed under a high bridge. 30 odd meters above is the High way. Amma sat in the sand and prepared tea for every one. She asked a brahmachari to bring some firewood. While the water was coming to a boil Amma sang a few Telugu bhajans and Mata Rani.

Many people were watching us from the overpass - many trucks and buses were passing overhead, their passengers looking down at the 500 odd people sitting around Amma in the riverbed...all in white clothes and singing in Telugu. wee waved at them. They waved back. After finishing the tea preparation Amma and the tour group left.

Our car's oil tank was punctured. Amazingly, at 9:00 in the evening, in this remote area, we were able to find a gas welder to repair it. Waiting for the repair work to be completed I laid on the sandy river bed looking at the sky and counting the stars. Two stray dogs were hanging around eating the leftovers of the tour group. A nice breeze was blowing across so no mosquitoes were there.

It will take at least 3 hours to fix this problem, so we will not be able to catch up with Amma. We will meet her tomorrow at the Brahmasthanam.

Amma will be singing bhajans in Telugu. Her satsang will also be translated into the language of Andhra Pradesh.

6 March 2007, en route Bangalore to Hyderabad

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