Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Japanese Views

A group of Japanese students came to do service, to help the tsunami housing rehabilitation project in Nagapattinam. These University students on their way to Nagapattianm, stopped in Mysore, had Amma’s darshan and participated in the Holi celebration with her. Many were seeing Amma for the first time. Here are their comments…

At first, I thought Amma is like God. But now I feel like Amma is my mother, the mother of all. Her hug was so charming. It filled my heart with kindness and love.
I wish that her love would extend to all of India and the whole world.
Susumu Toriyabe

Amma is very amazing. She made everyone – Indian, European and Japanese – very happy. I have had a nice time. Thank you.
Yuko Sakuma

At the time when Amma hugged me I couldn’t understand why she did it. But the day after I think I understood.
Frankly speaking, I didn’t think she was beautiful but I thought people loved her sincerely.
Her hands were very kind and warm and made me relax. I think she is not God but human. On the other hand she attracts so many people. I respect her.
Koioh Sato

I met Amma for the first time and had my first darshan. It was very beautiful, because I felt like all the things I had experienced since I was born were accepted. There was something mysterious about it.
Izumi Watanabe

Thank you for holding us, Amma! I think you have a great spirit because you hug everybody. I hope that we will spend another nice day with each other. Thank you!
Kumiko Yamamoto

Amma is full of love. I felt Amma’s love for the people when I first saw her. And I believe that there is a very strong love between Amma and her devotees. I was very happy to have met her.
Emi Yoshimatsu

Today I met Amma. Even though it was midnight she didn’t look tired. She was kind to everyone. It surprised me that she wasn’t tense at all. I cannot forget such a wonderful experience.
Takahiko Fujihara

I think she is kind because she spends so much time for others.
Takeshi Nishigori

Because Amma is a very famous person I was a little nervous at first. But when she held me, I could relax. I was moved by her. What a wonderful person she is! I am very glad to have met her.
Yuka Yanai

I enjoyed Amma’s program. I was surprised how many people came to see her. I could feel her power and kindness. She is a great and very precious gift for all the people in the world.
Kaede Miyazaki

I am very happy that I could see Amma. I was very moved by the people who were crying. I think they felt the love and the heart of Amma.
Emura Yu

When I saw Amma for the first time I felt that she has the invisible power that can help people in the world, because thousands of people from many countries made long queues to receive her darshan. I, too, felt her wonderful power and her embrace made me feel very happy.
Ikuko Taketani

She looks like the sun, which is warm, big, kind and powerful. I relaxed in her presence. I felt very good. Thank you, Amma.
Ryoko Matsumoto

I was happy when I saw Amma. And I felt love. Thank you for holding us.
I had a very good time because everyone could sing Amma’s song.
Taniguchi Masami

Before I met Amma I thought she was a cool and quiet woman. But that's not true. Fact is that she is so warm and cute!! I am very very very glad that I have met her.
Erina Otsubo

I was surprised about Amma’s charisma. A friend of mine said that he is scared of such situations, but I think that is because of the difference of our religious background. We need to develop a different view.
Northito Honda

When I met Amma, my first impression was that she is not special. But that changed soon.. She is very mysterious and heartfull. She can give hope even to those who fall down.
Masaki Takahashi

I was surprised by Amma’s miracle power. I felt so happy when I was hugged by Amma. I think Amma is a very charismatic person.
Katsuki Ata

I was very moved by Amma’s hug and very happy because she radiated such a charism. I couldn’t understand what she said into my ear while she hugged me, but I felt like she was my mother. So I was very happy. When I have the next chance I would like to meet her again.
Hiroshi Kubo

4 March 2007, Mysore.

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