Wednesday, March 21, 2007

3 days in Nerul

after the sivaji park public program we went to the ashram. ashram is on top of a hill in new bombay. you can see the city, nerul railway station, the sea... alll from the top of the ashram building. there are other two temples and a church on the same hill.

it was so dusty, hot, humid... people move like ants in their cars on the road. the leaves on the trees have become brown due to the dust in the atmosphere. the city life is some thing i dont like. but life is there. people have devotion.

nerul brahmasthanam has an ashram and a computer institute in the same complex. amrita vidyalayam is a kilometer away from the ashram.

i was happy that mumbai pgm was only 3 days.

17 March 2007, Mumbai

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