Wednesday, March 21, 2007

200 crores

we left pune as soon as the darshan was over. in fact amma walked to her camper right from the stage. i had to grab my camera bag and run through the crowds to the car to follow Amma. my shirt and dothi were full with butter and milk. some curd was still there on my beard - i saw it on the mirror of the car- which spilled when amma put in my mouth.

we entered into the express highway. in four places it passes through the tunnels - through the mountain. main one is more than one kilometer long!. they have halogen lights and turbo fans inside the tunnel to keep the tunnel lighty and airy.
the 100 km road is super. this has changed the life of pune and mumbai people. in one hour you can reach mumbai which used to take 4- 5 hrs earlier. if there is a traffic jam or an accident on the way, it used to take more time. there were hair pin roads and lots of ups and downs road. but now straight road. you need to pay 100rs for each vehicle.

Amma stayed in a devotees house first day of mumbai. next day she was invited to the Maharashtra chief ministers office. the CM wated to discuss with amma and find solutions to the farmers suicide in the state. Amma had an hour long discussion. after which amma announced 200 crore project to help he farmers and their families. amma made it clear that it wont be a financial distribution, but it will be a rehabilitation, education, counselling type of rehabilitation.

15 March 2007, Mumbai

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