Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mumbai Program

I joined the tour in Mumbai. Amritapuri was blissfully quiet and it was almost tempting to stay in order to do some sadhana and study, but then again you can always do that, can’t you. The longing to see Amma got the better of me and I hopped on the train.

First there was the usual public program in Shivaji Park, which was massive in scale and intense in many ways. I have always liked Mumbai ever since I came to India in 1995 and it is good to see that, although the city has gone through quite a lot of change and a good dose of westernisation, it’s people still retain a good deal of spirituality. Or maybe that’s why, the overwhelmingly hectic and sometimes materialistic way of life in the financial hub of India needs to be balanced by strong counter-medicine that only someone as spiritually powerful and vibrant as Amma can provide. People may be disillusioned with small time pandits, fakirs and godmen, but Amma’s ocean of love holds such an attraction that people just cannot keep away.

During the program Amma’s scheme and monetary pledge for suicide prevention was announced. Information about it is available on our website, I need not repeat it here. Amma’s ways to uplift India and the world are simply endless.
Sivamani, the famous percussionist and right hand man of the composer A.R. Rahman was there to play for Amma and get a blessing from Her.

Yesterday the Brahmasthanam festival started here at the Nerul Ashram. The atmosphere during the festival is always charged with deep spiritual vibrations. Tonight was the Saturn Puja which is very powerful always. I remember when I first came to India I was slightly sceptical toward Pujas but decided to give it a chance. I decided to keep an open mind and made a resolve to do all the Archanas and Pujas during a Brahmasthanam festival (which lasted four of five days back then). The details I will not go into but I will say that I had such deep experiences that I changed my opinion of Pujas for ever. Their effect should never be underestimated. Tonight the energy was palpable again. Even though I don’t do the Pujas these days I love the atmosphere and vibrations that are generated during the Brahmasthanam Festivals.
Amma has a lot of new nice Hindi bhajans that she sings here. The bhajans tonight after the Shani Puja were simply ecstatic. Amma looked so intimate and sweet on the small stage. It reminded me of how the bhajans in Amritapuri used to be in the (old) main temple when you could sit in front Her sweet form just a meter or two away and stare into Her deep dark eyes and be lost to the world. Here I go again...

I will go and sit near Amma for some time. Tomorrow we will drive to Ahmedabad.

18 Mar 2007

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