Sunday, March 18, 2007

Krishna Leela of Pune

One beautiful thing with Pune devotees is that they all clap and sing with Amma during bhajan. the bhajans in pune were sooo much energetic. pune has a rich culture and tradition.

during darshan time, a twins came to receive mantra from amma. they are in their 50s. both look alike.. bold heads, big bellies, their smile, appearance..
both got mantra from amma. then both were crying. both got the mantra deeksha also at the same time from amma. amma was smiling at them for a long time.

now it has become a tradition that at the end Kale Master comes with his family dressed as gopis with pots milk, buttermilk, curd and butter on their head. amma would break them. he dressed up amma as krishna, with peacock feather crown and gave a flute.
amma then broke the pot of millk, curd and curd. with a stick and drank the curd from it. milk and butter milk were all flowing down the girls who carried it. she distributed to the devotees around. then she threw all the sweets and fruits and nuts they brought to all standing around. it was as if we were in the Gokulam, during the time of krishna leela.
yes here krishna was playing another leela with the devotees of pune.

Pune 13 March 2007

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Abhijit said...

Dear Dhyanamrita Bhai, sitting thousands of miles away, we could feel ourselves drenched in Krishna Prema from our dearest Amma's Gokulam. As the hearts of Gopis are captured by Krishna's flute, beauty and love, far away, our hearts are also captured in divine love for our dearest Amma.

Oh our dearest Amma, Who has taken birth with a special dark blue color, Your children knows, who you are! Dhyanamrita Br, please keep sending, Amma's divine Leela's. We all merge with Amma, through your writings of love.

Br, our eyes full of tears of love are waiting for Krishnamma's divine Gokulam leela photographs..

Amma's little child