Monday, March 12, 2007

Smile Always?

We see many people come to Amma, not knowing anything about Her, but when they meet Her you see the smile blossom on their face - and you know that a bond has been established. Many reporters from different newspapers came to interview Amma in Hyderabad.

One particular incident to share -- Amma had agreed to give an interview to a reporter from the leading local newspaper 'Eenadu'. We had our ashram people there to translate for him as he was more fluent in his mother tongue Telugu, but he had brought a recorder along with him all the same. He asked his questions and Amma was giving answers one by one, he was recording everything. I asked him why he was recording as he would not understand Malayalam anyway. He said, "I just want to record Her voice, to hear it again." Well, he was sitting there watching Amma and spontaneously he came up with another question, "How are you able to smile always?"

Amma's answer was succinct, "I do not depend on anything for my happiness."

9 March 2007, Secunderabad.

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