Thursday, March 22, 2007

beauty in the stones

it was again 'mata rani' at the end of darshan in Amdavad. but this time it was a gujarati version instead of punjabi. amma was dancing and then began clapping her hands along with the devotees. one devotee, who came for darshan, began dancing beautifully in-font of amma bringing delight and joy to everyone. as she was playing with the devotees, the sun spread his rays from the eastern horizon to join with amma.

Amma left directly from the the stage of amdavad  to jaipur.
it was about 7.30 a.m.  we passed the sabarmati river. entered into the national highway NH8 again. the roads in gujarat are super. the road is so straight as if drawn with a scale. pink, yellow and white 'arali' flowers waved 'good-bye' to the passengers standing from the   highway median.

after driving  about 130 km we crossed the gujarat state border entering rajasthan. the landscape changed drastically.  the green fields disappeared - now only barren hills and rocks, no greenery. only stones and rocks. trees are scattered here and there. but green leaves are missing. if it is there, its might be a thorny bush.

rajsthan is the land of rajputs - who are known for their valour, faith, and devotion to gurus. this is also the land of meera bhai, the great saint who sang and danced for her lord and merged with giridhara gopla.

amma is just few feet ahead of me in her camper. i am in the car behind. i see ladies carrying 2,3 pots on top on their head fetching water from some where. its very sunny and hot day. jaipur is still 380 km ahead from where we are now-- udaypur.

even though  there are only stones everywhere, still there is a beauty in it. creation and creator are not two... right?

22 march 2007, en route amdavad to jaipur


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vidya said...

Though i may not comment for your every post, your posts are really appreciated.

I check this url on a very regular basis. Your posts with minor details is very useful for me to travel virutally along with AMMA, while i am several several thousands miles away.

Dhanyavaadah Swamiji shata kOti vaaram

- ammas little