Thursday, March 22, 2007

Leave no one disappointed

On the road from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, Amma served us all lunch as She sat under a tree in the shade. She cracked jokes, and looked back on the 3 days of darshan in Mumbai. She stretched Her arms out and gestured embracing one after the other, at high speed. ‘Amma goes as fast as She can’ She said. If She would not go at such a high speed hundreds of people would not get darshan. People who would have been waiting for hours, who had waited all year or maybe all their lives to get a glimps of Her. They would than leave disappointed and sad.

Hearing about Amma’s tireless effort always brings tears to my eyes. She is the symbol of hope, of selflessness. A beacon off love in the selfish world.

That evening, after 5 more hours on the dusty roads of Gujarat, we stopped again for chai and diner. Amma took a seat on a parking spot and the whole karavan sat around her. There was maybe 400 of us there. Amma started practising some bhajans in Gujarati. We laughed as She playfully joked with words that sounded funny to Her. In all She does Amma expresses great joy and pleasure, and with that She is like a magnet. After the bhajans Swamiji brought some chocolate bars for Amma to give as prasad. Amma took them out of the box and asked for a knife. She looked around at the crowd and started counting the bars of chocolate. Then She opened one and started cutting, counting the pieces. Amma, who had embraced maybe 50.000 people in the last few days was now cutting chocolate for 400 people.... No effort is ever too much it seems. Swamiji also started cutting but as soon as he finished She inspected it and started cutting the big pieces in to smaller chunks and counted them again. Plate after plate with chocolate chunks were passed around. ‘One each please!’ Amma said. As the last bar was passed around She looked up and asked who had not yet had any. Only five hands raised. Amma look satisfied. She still had a few pieces in Her hands and started cutting them up. How do you cut 25 bars of chocolate so that 400 can all have a piece? Amma knows...She had been counting prefectly, just like with the thousands that came in Mumbai, Amma would leave no one disappointed.

21 March 2007, Amdavad
Devadath, Holland

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