Wednesday, March 21, 2007

good bye Mumbai

saying good bye to mumbai, we entered into 4 lane highway to amdavad. it's a 500 km drive. as we entered gujarat, the roads look like a royal pathway--staight, clean highway. there are lot of agriculture farms on either side of the road. gujarat is only state where there is a 3 phase power supply even in the villages... and there are no power cuts! the farmers suicide is almost nil here. economically and industrially gujaratis well ahead of other states of india.

we had a luch stop and tea stop on the way. during the luch stop we had satsang and jokes and in the tea stop amma was singing some new gujarati bhajans. the tea stop was infront of a dabha. with the buses around, the temporary electric lights, that area was converted into a bhajan hall. amma sat more than usual. when we reached amadavad it was already.

20 March 2007, Amdavad

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