Wednesday, March 21, 2007

spiritual part

we stayed in amrita vidyalayam. amma on the 2nd floor. i was on the first.
the school is in the city itself. it's a beautiful school. we had good internet facility - 2mbps broad-band in the computer room.

today is a rest day. after nearly one months travel and programmes continuesly we need some rest. thanks, amma. i slept through the afternoon. most of the group members were sleeping. its is still hot outside.

after a trip on the indian tour, you willl be blessed to be able to sleep anywhere in the world, whatever be the situaliton. not just by sitting, even by standing you will be able to sleep. you become so adaptable to the situaation , adjustable to the circumstances...
that is the spiritual part of this bharat yarta -- interact with any one, eat any thing, do any thing... at any time.

amma also need some rest. but she won't .. there were guests - invited to have meeting with amma.
now its 2 am again.

21 march 2007, amdavad

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The said...

Amma needs rest? . Her every action is meditation in itself. She is Action in inaction.
If She stops performing Actions then this world stops.
- Like Krishna says in Bhagavat Gita.
na mae parthasthi kartavyam thrishu lokaeshu kinchana
na anavaaptam avaaptavyam varte eva ch karmani -
"In all three worlds, O Partha, there is no duty whatsoever for Me to fulfil: nothing remains unachieved or to be achieved; yet, I continue in action -


- tyaktavaa karma phalaasangam nitya-trptho nirashraya;
karmanya abhi-parvartthoapi niave kinchit na karothi sah: -

Having given up attachment to the results of action, he who is ever-contented, dependent on nothing, he really does not do anything even though engaged in action -

Om Amriteshwariyae Namah