Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Road to Ahmedabad

The ride from Mumbai to Ahmedabad was really long and gruelling, except for two factors. One being that the highway is one of the best in India, and the other one that we had two stops with Amma, one for lunch and one for chai. For lunch Amma chose an idyllic spot in a beautiful mango grove. I found myself a perfect natural sofa on the branch of one the mango trees. It even had a backrest. It was so nice to watch Amma enjoy herself with Her children in such an unhurried environment after the hectic Mumbai darshan. She looked so fresh and young in the pristine setting. She called us to tell some stories and jokes with a spiritual meaning attached and then distributed the lunch to everybody. Some jokes were there, how spiritual they were I don’t know. The next stop was a few our later at a gas station parking lot. Quite a contrast to the previous spot, but sometimes Amma chooses a seemingly inconvenient place just to highlight the importance of finding peace within in all circumstances. And who knows maybe Amma also perceives subtle things that are imperceptible to us in the place. Maybe the gas station is built over an ancient sacred sight or something, which in India is more probable than not. There was a meditation and after that Amma started practising new Gujarati bhajans. Really blissful, I felt so happy and at home once again travelling through India with Amma. At the end Amma took some Snickers bars that devotees had given and cut them into small pieces which She then distributed to everybody. Sweetness all ‘round.

21 Mar 2007

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