Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A glorious chapter

Amma was rocking the stage with her song ‘mata rani’ at the end of darshan in delhi. The complete hall was dancing as amma was singing this song. Padapuja was going on at the same time. The full hall was watching amma close-up clearly on the big screen. After the puja amma stood on her feet and danced. It bought cheers and whistles from the children. It has become a new beginning to end a programme.

The next day amma left for Reunion & Mauritus programmes. Devotes were lined up from amma’s room to the gate, then to the road. As amma moved slowly in her car, I wished “happy journey” to amma even though she is the one who makes others journey happy.

A small part of the group went with amma, some flew back to their country, a major portion back to the ashram, and a few to the branches.

2007 Bharata Yatra has ended.

Another glorious chapter is added to the life of Amma; a series of teachings has been added to the life of her children.

1 April 2007


Abhijit said...

Yes, lives of soo many have changed in this Bharat Yatra of our dearest Amma in 2007. This is Amma's little child from Hyderabad, and I know my life has changed for good. I got my dearest Mother, whom I was searching for so so many years. In fact, some of my friends, who also came with me to meet Amma for the 1st time, just today, I heard, one of them is in ecstacy, as Amma said something to him during Darshan, and that came true. His journey of life from now on, has totally come under the love and care of Amma. So is mine. Amma, you are love incarnated. We love you, always and always and always... and ever...

Amma's little child, Abhijit from Hyderabad

anu said...

"Om Guru Charanam Sharanam"

"It is very painful that ammas children will miss her programme from the time she leaves the place after darshan no where in the world you can hear or see such pooja ,bhajans,satsang ,an atmosphere filled with positive vibratiions and divinty and also to see ,touch the universal mother
Amma how can we wait till 2008 .I am counting the days to meet you
same as Krishna leaving vrindavan is too painful to gopis "

Amma's molu from Bangalore

mala said...

Om Namah Sivayah Dhyanamrita,

Salutation & prostration to lotus feets of AMMA.

When AMMA coming down to Malaysia.


Amrita said...

Om Namah Shivaya

I am from New Delhi. I saw when Amma was dancing. Can you please give the video or at least still photographs of Amma during that time.