Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sweet Memories

Aum Amriteswaryai Namaha

Namah Shivaya All,
Its been a very long time since I posted on this site. Now Amma is in Japan and will be away from Amritapuri for 2 months and a week. Pretty long. But anyway nowadays we get to see Amma via the webcast, we get e-Darshan :) .

Coming back to the post, I had quite a bit to write about on my experiences on the tour and how Amma brought out situations to teach a few lessons.

On the south indian tour, I had to go to trichy programme earlier to help in organizing the program. I was looking into the venue and stage arrangements and was too busy through out.

Sometime around 2 am that night I went near Amma and darshan was going on as usual. There were a few devotees who were trying to take off their footwear and a little confusion was ensuing, Amma was quick to respond and She told the devotees that they can have their footwear on and She doesn't mind and that it was enough to have bhakti and respect internally.

This struck me quite a bit where people these days pay more attention to going about the rituals mechanically rather than being involved in them with their mind and body and trying to know the significance.

Then Amma saw me and called me near Her, then She asked if I had learnt how to organize things, I told that I went crazy doing it ( so many things all at the last time and I was running out of resources, time and ideas. Anyway all went well in the end but only later do we realize that its only Amma who takes care of all that but till then we think we are the ones carrying the whole responsibility).
In response to that statement of mine, Amma pointed to the crowd in front of Her and told that even if only one person among the whole crowd benefits, its worth organizing the programme. These words from Amma just struck me like a big Hammer on my head.

We do such small things and want the whole world to stand and appreciate us but look at Amma, She does everything for the world and what is it that She looks for, not for people to praise and worship Her, but just hoping atleast one among thousands to benefit and start doing good to the world.

Even now when I think and replay those scenes in my mind, I can't control my tears. Such selflessnes and humility cannot be taught by words and Amma just leads us all by Her actions. But I see that the level She sets is very high, hope I can atleast match it in my own small way. Lets hope that lots and lots more people benefit from Amma's presence and love.
I pray to Amma to be able to follow the way She is showing us all.

Aum Namah Shivaya


Anushya said...

I want an E-darshan too!

Nama Shivaya

Anonymous said...

It is said that CULTURE CAN NEVER BE TAUGHT.....IT HAS TO BE CAUGHT....One of the greatest blessings of being around with Amma is that her life, nay her every breath is a teching.

Sukrithum said...

Its very nice sudarsan