Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mata Rani Ki Jai!

Mata Rani Ki Jai!

One of the questions on many people’s mind during the Seattle programs was whether Amma would sing ‘Mata Rani’. Most everyone had heard about how Amma had been singing this new upbeat Punjabi song in India – especially during the end of the Brahmastanam Temple Festivals. Anticipation was high and palpable in the air. When would we hear this new bhajan?

Our first introduction to Mata Rani came during bhajans on the first night of the Retreat. It was the fourth bhajan in the set. During the bhajan, Amma would occasionally lift Her hands up in the air, fingers pointed upwards, and shout out ‘Mata Rani Ki…..’ and everyone would respond with a rousing ‘Jai!!!’. But it simply wasn’t the same as in India. In India, when Amma sang at the Brahmastanam Festivals, She was still giving darshan and would be surrounded by devotees standing close in. So seeing it with Amma, sitting virtually alone on stage, it was missing the intense intimacy and interaction of India.


At the end of the second night of darshan, around 1:45am, as the last people were lining up for darshan, Amma suddenly called for a harmonium. Within seconds, the musicians were on stage, a microphone was brought near Amma, and it began. It was beyond bliss. Amma kept singing and singing. Raising the intensity. Her arms occasionally raising in the air again, enticing everyone to shout out ‘Mata Rani Ki Jai!!!’

It went on for about 15 minutes. When Amma finally finished, She rose from Her chair, and walked out the hall. Calls of ‘Mata Rani Ki Jai!’ followed Her to Her car. As She drove away, blissed out devotees shared their excitement at finally hearing this new bhajan. It was a wonderful gift. We all hope that Amma will continue this on the rest of the tour stops.

There is something incredibly intimate when Amma sings Mata Rani. The way She interacts with Her children. For most other bhajans, we follow Amma as She either looses herself in internal bliss, or find ourselves uplifted by the rousing emotions. But with Mata Rani, Amma is pulling us along with immense love and joy, encouragingly, interactively, watching Her beam at us as we follow Her leads.

Sri Pati
Seattle, 3 June 2007


Anonymous said...

Mata Rani Ki Jay!

Dear Sri Pati,

can you post the text of this new bhajan?


daya said...


this beautiful bhajan and meaning is there in the ashram diary.. . go here


Suresh said...

I have alaways come and read the yatra blog and now I have heard so much of this new bhajan Mata Rani, I wish I will hear her sing some day and can gain the same bliss you have all received from hearing her and being there. Its amazing the amount of energy even in the blog ...I could really feel I am there in Seatle or San Roman or where ever...the energy is supreme and now I am so eager to hear from her. I work in Dubai and plan to go down for vacation to Kerala in Sept 2007 and wish to meet her for her birthday. I just wish, Amma would sing.

Is there a way to hear this song, can you tell me the album it is from so I can request someone to courier teh album to me from India.

Om Amrityeswarye Namah!