Wednesday, May 02, 2007

when god is at your doorstep

you worship her every day in the puja room as devi, as the divine mother. one day she may pass your house... how would you feel? how will you react? what will you do? could such a thing happen?
yes. it happened in kochi.
amma was going for a house call. i was in a car behind her. a devotee came to know that Amma was passing his house from the siren of the pilot car. i saw a big photo of amma on the portico. the family was waiting next to the road by the gate. the divine mother comes. she stops the car. gives darshan to them. they all jump in joy. watch amma drive away. they wipe their tears. i think that they are yet to realize what had really happened.
keep waiting for amma at your doorstep. one day she may come to you too.

30 april 2007, kochi, kerala.


Dhanya said...

I am waiting everyday for Amma to come to Singapore. Well, I'm not going to lost heart; Mata Rani may just grace us with Her presence en route to Japan....Amme vegam varu!!! We need You!!!


lakshmiprasad said...

I am also eagerly waiting for Amma to come to my house. when that day is going to come although I knew she is already staying in our house.


Anonymous said...

Amma engottum povandaa....

Ramakrishnan said...


enna kai vitrathey ma. nan un chella pillai. enna kai vitrrathey.

kumar, Hyderabad