Monday, April 30, 2007

Cool Rain

i had so much to write...but nothing inspires me what to do?

it is so hot, and humid. unbelievably hot. you are sweating all the time. most of the time the dress is soaked in sweat. i could not think, there was no inspiration . brain is not working.. like when the laptop is hot it becomes soooo slow...
but it rained in the first night. wow what a relief it had... my thoughts started sprouting..

we are in ernaklam for the brahmasthanam festival. i stayed in amrita vidyalayam, on the same floor with amma. there is amrita univerisity campus, ashram, and a brahmasthanam in the same compound.

the part of tents made of cloths could not bear the weight of water and it started falling down. the main tent was metal roof though. there were some leakage on top where amma was sitting. so some one held an umbrella for mother. amma continued to give darshan unaffected by the 'paristhiti'

the second evening , sani puja night was so different. there were lightning before and shower after bhajan. it rained heavily. the whole atmosphere become like air-conditioned.

29 April 2007, Ernakulam Brahmasthanam

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