Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bruised Finger

Back in Chicago, on Thursday, while I was doing the 'lap position' (helping to guide people into Amma's arms, Amma was playfully scolding me. It is often the only time Tour Staff gets to see Amma -most of the time we're in the Kitchen or Bookstore doing seva. While it's wonderful to get so much close time with Amma, we have to stay focused on the people coming up the line - making sure they are sitting up on their knees, bending properly so as to not put weight on Amma's body, and watching their hands so that they do not grab Her tightly. It's tricky sometimes - Amma moves fast - and each person has to be in position as soon as the other is finished.

So this particular evening, there was one gentleman who couldn't quite understand what I was saying. I was telling him to please come up on his knees - guiding him gently with my hands into position. But he proceeded to get up on his feet. Then I gently said 'please come back
down', and so started to come back to his original seated position - and I had to again ask him to get back up on his knees. But he started to stand up again.... then back down. This happened two or three times, and Amma was having a bit of a laugh, and eventually, the man got darshan in a crouching position - neither standing up nor on his knees.

At one point, Amma took my glasses and playfully motioned that She was going to throw them across the hall. Whether it was for not being able to properly position the man, or simply just to play with me, I'm not
sure. She returned my glasses, and continued giving darshan.

Soon after, She gently took hold of my right hand and started to stare at my fingers. This seemed odd to me - it was unprompted and was unrelated to anything I was doing or had done. She was just looking at my fingers. She let go of my hand and returned to giving darshan.
Afterwards, while recollecting my interaction with Amma, I commented jokingly to a few friends that maybe something might happen to one of my fingers.....

Well after Chicago, I flew back to NYC early (missing DC) to help prepare for Amma's visit. I had to go to Staples to get some copies made and I borrowed a fellow devotee's car. I had open the back door
of the car to get something out. As I closed the door, my finger got caught, and the door slammed on it. So now I'm sporting a big bruise on my middle finger.

It hurt quite a bit (and still does), but I immediately made the connection and started to laugh at the uncanny way Amma shows us how omniscient She is...

This morning, when Amma comes to the hall in NY for the first morning program, I'm going to show Her....

Sri Pati
11 July 2007, Newyork


Anonymous said...

Couldn't it have warned you? I'm curious to know What she says about your finger when you show Her.

mmenon said...

How interesting! Were you able to show the bruise to Amma? How was her reaction? I have seen similar connections in my life too. One feels so protected by Amma by these warnings Amma shows in different forms.
Do you know what color saree Amma is going to be in for tonight Devi Bhava in NYC?

Dhanya said...

thanks for sharing that experience...wonderful. Amma knows our past, present, future...many times we don't realise her greatness. How lucky we are to be so close (at least in our hearts) to her in our lifetime. Hope Amma forgives us for all our silly mistakes!

Jai Ma