Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Grace & Love from DC & NY

When Amma arrived in Washington DC on sunday July 8th it was standing room only. Some might attribute this to it being a weekend day but this devotee attributes it to Amma's Wonder and Grace calling out with Her Supreme Divine Love catching hold of us one at a time to let us all know what Real life is and helping us come to this state ofLove. When this devotee thinks trully of Amma's grace and feels the wonder of Her in his heart he only knows that Amma's grace is so far beyond words that one can only feel it and know it in their heart and know that it is the greatest thing in all the three worlds and beyond.

It was very crowded on Sunday morning but Amma handled everything in Her always graceful way and even sat all the way until 5:00 PM that evening. By Her Grace I was able to sit right near her after having darshan and even have my 2 year old son fall asleep right in my lap at just that time so I could have the chance to just sit right near Her without having to chase him around or have him not wanting to cooperate at the chance to sit right near Amma as it is not always as important to Him as it is to me.

That evening was the talk and a wonderful set of Bhajans, I think every single one except Om Namah Shivaya was from the new 2007 Bhajan Supplement and I must admit Mata Rani after only two times has gone into my soul and even my veins as I found repeating the first words of the song (the only words I knew ) over and over again because it was now playing inside me.
More Grace was found during bhajans as Keval, my son, was totally content to play with his toys and even had a few people right next to us who played with him and helped me keep him occupied and content for the whole time that Amma was singing.

Devi Bhava was wonderful as Amma came out in a forest Green sari, ( for all you at Amritapuri who were debating about the color) and well what to say, It was Devi Bhava. I had the honor of getting to sing a bhajan for Amma with the Washington DC satsang and sang "Ishwar Tumi" in English.."
Grace us with Your Compassion Lord,
I have no one but You My Lord."
The Truth of all truths.
Only She is always with us and always will be.

Now as far as New York, I didn't actually go to New York but this is actually my favorite part...I had just been reading Swamini Krishnamrita Prana's new book Torrential Love and about how Amma always knows and hears the pure desires of our hearts and many stories about Amma fulfilling pure desires of Her devotees hearts. Well I really wanted to at least feel Amma through the phone from New York to feel close to Her by knowing She was right on the other side of the phone. I called my friend I knew was there but he didn't answer and I was kind of discouraged but a little while later the phone rings and there he is and by Amma's Grace my desire and the prayer of my heart had been fulfilled. Just knowing Amma was right there through the phone I just felt so much joy and so happy and knew that Amma had heard the prayer of my heart. Even better the next morning when I woke up my first thought was "I'll bet Devi Bhava is still going, call him back" and my friend picked up and I got to be on the phone for the last hour of Devi Bhava all the way through Amma Amma Taye and the closing prayers. The best parts were when they played the Kerala boat song and I had it on speaker phone and danced around my house feeling in my heart felt like I was really right there in the hall with Amma and when during Amma Amma Taye my son and I went on our back patio and picked flowers and petaled them and I threw them all over us just like Amma showers them on everyone at the end of Devi Bhava. We had Amma's picture right there and I really felt in my heart like we were right there with Her. What other than Amma's Grace & Love can make it possible to feel that way when you are even in a different place on earth. It's just like Amma says, "Where there is love, there is no distance." Once again I say, Amma's Grace is so far beyond words that one can only feel it and know it in their heart and know that it is the greatest thing in all the three worlds and beyond.

Sanatan Lasher
17 July 07, USA

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