Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blissful Seat

Om Namah Shivaaya,

This was the day of Devi Bhava in NewYork. The puja just got over and Amma started giving darshan, wearing a beautiful red saree. I went for dinner and came back in the hall. My mind wanted me to sit in the hall and listen to the bhajans, the other thought was telling me to walk 10 mins to the dishwashing room to do seva. I opted for the bhajans, realizing that it was 11:00PM at night and I just had this delicious dinner. Amma obviously had different plans for me.

I started looking for a space to sit in the middle of this big crowd. Suddenly I spotted a space and rushed towards it, but as I was about to take it, somebody else grabbed it. I still didn't want to give up and started looking on the other side of the hall. To my mind's pleasure, I found a space, but again somebody else took it. Then I realized Amma's plans for me and surrendered. That night, while working in the dishwashing area, I was in a great bliss.

Thank you Amma!

"Divine Love & Light"
Narinder Anand


Dhanya said...

Om Namah Shivaya

That's such a great way to interpret the situation! This just reinforces the popular adage - Service to Man is service to God. May Amma bless us all with this kind of attitude and understanding in life.

Jai Ma!

Gahana said...

Thanks for sharing. Jai Ma!