Monday, July 23, 2007

Grand Finale

Mata Rani Grand Finale - (finally!)
Tonight was the second night of the Toronto Retreat – the last stop on the North American Tour. It would be the last chance for us to hear Amma sing Mata Rani – if the Divine Mother’s Grace and Will wished it.
And so as the darshan line was ending, around 2:30am, it was on everyone’s mind: “Would Amma sing Mata Rani? Would the East Coast get a chance to sing in bliss with our Beloved Amma as She did in Seattle and San Ramon?”
Our hopes rose up, and so did our internal radars. We were looking for clues. As the darshan line got shorter and shorter, people started to move in closer in anticipation. A few of us saw Swarna go over to the sound system to talk with Santosh. Something was up. Hmmmmm…. Is it happening? Then we saw a harmonium being moved into place on the stage. There was no doubt now!
After the last person came for darshan, Amma began…. “Mata Rani ne kripa basayi, mere har gar puri hundi ayi’. Amma rocked back and forth – Her arms raised high, index fingers pointed upwards, beaming at Her children gathered closely around Her. “Meri Ambe Ni…” The crowd shouted responded with a resounding ‘Whoooooo’ at the top of their lungs. Back and forth, verse after verse, in ecstatic call and response. Everyone was in bliss – beaming at Amma, shouting, screaming out the words, bouncing in their place to the rhythm. With Amma’s Grace, everyone in was sitting except for those on the sidelines - so there was a clear view all around – both for Amma, and for everyone else.
The music got louder and louder. A few times, Amma shouted out ‘Brrrrrrrrrrrrr’ with indescribable joy and almost lost Herself in bliss. And then it ended. Amma rose out of Her seat and headed out of the hall up to Her room. It was wonderful. Everyone was so happy. A beautiful grand finale for the North America Tour.
Sri Pati
23 July 2007, Toronto


Anonymous said...

Namah Shivaaya Sri Pati,

Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience. I could really feel the bliss of the moment.

Narinder Anand

Anonymous said...

Mata Rani Ki.......JAYYYYYYYY!!!