Tuesday, July 31, 2007

East Coast Ashram

The last day of the retreat in Toronto I was called up to join Ken and Dayamitra swami who were talking with Amma about the land in Purcellville that was offered . She asked about water, soil quality, septic, and zoning. I answered each question briefly (no problems with any of those). Then She apparently gave approval to use the land saying to start with a house on it first. That night in darshan, after giving me a hug that left me somewhat dopey, She said something. Dayamitra translated:’ She says you can build an ashram’ . Still dopey I mumbled something. She said in English: ‘Is it OK?’. I mumbled something else like thank you as she pulled me in for a kiss. This will mean a lot of planning and work by all, but it looks like we will have an East Coast ashram in Washington.

In addition to those acts of grace, she has also given me personal grace in other areas. To say that the tour has been wonderful is an understatement.


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