Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the lost day

I am writing this from the program in Santiago while the talks are going on. While my Spanish is a lot better than my Malayam, I cannot follow the talks. There was a huge turnout this morning, especially considering that Thursday morning was a work day. I left the morning program at 5:00 p.m. in order to get something to eat, Morning program darshan was still going on, and there was already a long line for the evening program. Going from summer to winter is odd, it got dark at 6:00, everyone at the program was wearing shoes and coats. Even though Amma was working Her weather magic, and it was a pleasant sunny day, having been very cold and rainy, I felt marginally dressed and just put on another layer.

Santiago was striking – a flat plain with rich soil ringed by snowy mountains, and palm trees planted along the airport. We went by vineyards and groves of nut trees on the way to the program, and the haze turned out to be pollution. Santiago ranks right behind Mexico City and Buenos Aires for pollution. We were told that all the highways were built in the past 10 years, now 6 million people and 2 million cars.

In spite of a very long line to pay for the snacks (the only food available at the program), everyone was very calm and patient. The hall appears to me to be as large as any in the States, and it is standing room only.

I had a ticket on the non-stop flight from Toronto to Santiago, but they way oversold the flight, and 10 of us in the Amma group were bumped off the flight. In the airport, Amma was especially sweet and concerned for us, clearly showing Her concern for the children that were being left behind by her expressions and actions. She then gave a wonderful kiss/darshan to us as she went to board her flight. We were eventually given tickets for a flight (not non-stop) the next day, as well as vouchers for a room and meals. I thought that the airport darshan and seeing Her express such concern for us easily made up for the lost day
26 July 2007 , Chille

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