Saturday, July 07, 2007

In the Joy of others

Jai Amma !

Amma came into the hall in Dallas looking beautiful and radiant and full of Her Supreme Loving energy that is beyond all comprehension as always. The Pada Puja ceremony was performed and Amma made Her way up on to the stage.
Some local officials came up to greet Amma but this one missed all that because he was busy running after the Pada Puja water and Sandal Paste and Kum Kum that had just been offered to Amma. A satsang was given by Bramachari Shantamrita Chaitanya followed by Amma's Satsang. Then the Bhajans began. And guess what ? Mata Rani. Amma delighted everyone by singing the new bhajan that puts smiles on everyones faces and fills their hearts with joy. The best most joyous part was when Amma would call out, "Mata Rani Ki" and throw Her arms up in the air and Her children would respond by throwing their arms up in the air too and calling out "Jai !" Most of the bhajans, actually I think all except Amma Baramma and Om Namah Shivaya were all from the new 2007 Bhajan Supplement. I was sure to go to the Amma Shop after that and get myself a copy. I'm not sure of the name of the other Bhajan sung that night that had everyone very enhusiastic but I do know that it went Jai Ma Jai Ma Jai Ma !

The second night of the programs was Devi Bhava and Amma wore a beautiful purple sari and was full of smiles. As I sat on the stage and watched Her I had a most incredible experience which I pray will be what the future becomes full of. As Amma hugged all Her children who came up for darshan and smiled at them and played with them I experienced something totally different from what I had in the past. Instead of sitting there thinking Amma why won't you look at me, and look how lucky that person is getting that smile from Amma and all the other thoughts like those, I felt in my heart that I was all of them or vice versa and in this state felt so much joy when Amma gave someone a big smile and felt the joy of their heart. Or when Amma hugged someone for a long time I felt like it was me and felt the cooling and soothing tenderness that Amma was giving them. And in feeling it to be my own self who was going up to Amma over and over again and receiving Her love in all these different forms so to speak I felt more beauty and wonder than I have ever felt before. This was one of the most if not the most profound experience that I have ever received and thank Amma for letting me have the experience of feeling others joy in my heart, but it was just pure joy, it didn't belong to anyone, or you could say it was ours, not mine or theirs. I pray that I can do the other half of what Amma says we should do and feel their pain as our own as well. This experience has also given me a glimpse into how in selfishness and only being concerned for ourself we really are keeping ourself from the real joy. It's like we're eating some gross food as opposed to cucumber raita served right from Amma's hands. Can you believe it ? It's just like Amma's been telling us. I hope Amma's smiling at this grand realization and I that by Her grace I will remember this.

Jai Amma !

Also during Devi Bhava someone sang Kasturi Tilakam, a great bhajan about how the beauty of Lord Sri Krishna. As I sat their and looked at Amma in all Her splendour in Devi Bhava I came up with a new song

Amma puts the Kum Kum mark on Her forehead and wears the Gem of Love in Her Heart
From Amma's nostril shines a beautiful ring and in Her arms are Her children and malas around Her wrists

Love is emanating from Her whole body and there are Rudraksha beads and
beautiful flower garlands around Her neck

Victory to that Amma who is surrounded by Her children and is the delight of all their Hearts

Jai Amma!

I was also so happy to see a camera attached to the front post during Devi Bhava videoing Amma and was hoping that all Amma's children at Amritapuri were getting to watch Her. It makes me so happy to think of all of you at Amritapuri getting to see Amma even though She is here in America.

And as I have always wanted to say. Thankyou so much to Dhyanamrita and Vishwanath and Piyush and everyone else who has taken the time to post to this blog and the other blogs so that I as well as all of us can have the joy of reading about Amma and where She is and what is happening around Her and with Her. It is trully a great joy for me and I am sure many others who everyday sign on to the computer and go right to the Amma blogs to see if there are any new posts.

Sanatan lasher
Jai Amma !
6 July 2007 Dallas

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Gahana said...

Thanks for your beautifully written post. It is greatly appreciated. I would have loved to see Mother in Her purple sari.
And, thanks for sharing your personal experience about feeling Mothers loving embrace through all of Her children. What a blessing.
Jai Ma.