Saturday, July 07, 2007

Listening to Amma on cellphone

Om Namah Shivaya,

This time I could not go to Chicago. However my wife had the blessings to be there with Amma in Chicago.

I was very anxious to listen to Amma's bhajans and she blessed me with a very unique way. My wife called me on her cellphone when Amma started singing bhajans. I was on the call for about 2 hours, listening to Amma's bhajans, calling "Jai" when she said "Mata Rani Ki", and the meditiation thereafter. I was in such a bliss that it almost felt that I was in the hall listening to Amma.

Thank you My Beloved Amma!

Narinder Anand
Chicago 07/07/07

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Jill and Isabel said...

Namah Shivaya Narinder,

My friend called me from Michigan last November when I couldn't be there to see another friend get married. My daughter and I listened for hours, through the wedding and the end of Devi Bhava. We felt like we were there too. What a blessing.

Om Amriteshwaryai Namaha