Thursday, August 02, 2007

2nd day bhajans in Rio

Today the morning darshan lasted till 6:15 pm. Last night also, it seemed that many did not wait till end, yet, Mother finished darshan around 5:30 am or maybe it was near 6:00, did not look the exact time.

In tonight's bhajans Mother sang:

He gananayaka siddivinayaka

Sri Krishna saranam

If this is not the place (in Portuguese)

Mata rani

Om namah shivaya

Awaken Children (in English)

Jai Jai janani jai ho teri

At the beginning the people did not applaud after bhajans, but then they did it after If this is not the place and also Mata rani huge applauds, and again at the end after the last bhajan. Generally tonight there was more fervor during bhajans as last night. People really like them. One could see their yearning in the expression of their faces.Such beautiful expressions!

Yesterday night when Swamiji wanted to chant Om three times, expecting people to repeat it after him, the public started chanting and leading the Om chanting by their own. Tonight knowing this Swamiji chanted it with them together.


1 August 2007, Rio

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