Thursday, August 02, 2007

So beautiful Rio

So beautifull the program in Rio.
The best I have been to.
Beetween a wonderfull beach and gorgeous mountains.
Mild Temperature 20 degrees Celsius.
Birds singing on the trees. Sky blue without a cloud.
The hotel packed with people that stayed for hours patiently on line to get a token.
Fervorous singing.
Mother stayed for darshan till past 6 AM, we went to get some sleep, had a wonderfull breakfast by the swiming pool and there was Mother giving darshan again.
Smiling, happy.
It seems that wherever there is Mother´s children longing for Her
she will always be there for us.
People don´t stop to arrive.
Everybody working hard cause lots of people
Want to buy and bring something from Mother with them.
The food was fresh and delicious.
Lots of brasilians volunteers were helping.
Rio is the city where most of brasilian actors live and they are coming to meet Mother and also is the press.

2 Aug 2007, Rio

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